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Janice Mae Parviainen

Janice Mae Parviainen

Janice Parviainen has been on a lifelong journey to help alleviate human suffering. Her first stop was in the medical sciences- biochemistry, microbiology and immunology. During these years, Janice became aware of another ailment which was the cause of great human suffering on a personal and professional level. This was the lack of understanding self and others. Janice has since dedicated the rest of her life to this purpose.

Janice Parviainen emphasizes the importance of understanding self and others within the workplace and family. Her mastery on the subject of personality type has taken her across the world as a speaker, curriculum designer, facilitator and executive coach. Janice applies her science of personality type to sales and marketing, customer service, leadership development and organizational effectiveness. Her clients have included Xerox, Dupont, Magna, Rogers Cable, OPP, The Gap, TTC, Ministry of Health, Investors Group, BMO Financial, CIBC Financial Services, Salvation Army, to name a few.

Janice has a relaxed and humourous style in her presentations. She prepares for all her work with a customized approach and a strong focus on her clients’ expectations. She is enthusiastic and radiates her love of people.

Janice is writing two books in response to the current needs of her clients - Courage to Love Yourself which discusses the need to understand and love all that we are AND Courage to Love the Children which focuses on parenting the personalities and the spiritual development of children. Janice lives dynamically with her three children and life-long partner in their grid-tied, sustainable home.

Janice has been instrumental in facilitating, consulting and coaching teams and individuals across the globe, serving her clients in the areas of Transformational and Authentic Leadership, Team Mentoring, Team Dynamics, Sales Effectiveness, Career Transitioning, Work/Life Balance, Stress Freedom, Relationships and Parenting, Teaching Children and Personal Growth.

Janice is:

Janice’s clients come away from their experience with a deeper understanding of self and others and concrete strategies and tools for transforming their lives and reaching their personal and professional goals.

Janice is the author of Courage to Love Yourself, available in February 2009, will be releasing Courage to Love Leadership in 2010 and Courage to Love the Children in 2011.

Courage to Love Leadership enables humanity to become conscious and take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions and energy level; leading to mastery in leading self and others.
Courage to Love the Children
focuses on parenting the personality and the spiritual development of children

Janice lives with her partner and three children in their grid-tied, sustainable home in Uxbridge, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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