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True Colours

The True Colours approach appreciates the differences of individuals and recognizes and acknowledges the perspectives of others in a unique way, improving the quality of life for every individual. These unique personal characteristics are clustered and identified as an individual’s True Colours. True Colours recognizes that the need for success differs in each of us.

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Personality Type and Sales

“A very productive and enjoyable seminar. This seminar taught me to immediately identify the type of client I am dealing with and address their concerns accordingly.

It helps you accentuate your current selling skills and then pushes you over the edge; as it makes you realize the skills you must still develop in order to sell to a different type of clientele that you have not been able to reach before.

This information has helped increase my business by at least 15%.

The examples given are very specific and humourous. JMP really understand our business!”

Diane LaTourelle
Sales Representative
Western Canada


Leadership Styles

“Janice presented to over 200 Association Executives of our National Association of Realtors in Washington, DC. Her session was thought provoking, humorous and interactive. She was awarded with the highest rating of all speakers for the entire conference. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice and her workshops and keynotes.”

Laurie Oken
Manager, Leadership Education
National Association of Realtors – USA


“Different Strokes for Different Folks” ~ Managing the Different Personality Types

“98% overall satisfaction! Best workshop I’ve ever taken!

Great! Excellent! Outstanding! Energizing!

Very timely for our Management Team.

The ratings and feedback comments state it best. Our Customer Service Operations Managers as well as staff and support teams found your seminar knowledgeable and effective. The quality of instruction and facilitation was outstanding. Your passion, energy level and sharing of personal experiences established a true connection with the participants and made learning easy and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend your seminars to any group focused on improving business results through improved relationships and more effective communication.”

Paul Fini
Organizational Effectiveness and Service Training
Xerox of Canada


Dealing with Change

“How do you get a rock to turn a corner?”

“Our organization has recently gone through many major changes. The effects this transition had on the staff were very dynamic.  This workshop helped us to understand the needs of the different Personality types during this process of change.  This seminar was one factor enabling us to keep our profits above our projections during this process.  The information also helped with the spirit of the organization by creating new energy in people and allowed them to interact in a more open way.” 

Ron Tutac
Operations Manager
Enhance Packaging Technologies Inc.
A Dupont Canada Company


Recruiting and Keeping High Performers

“Recruiting is our bread and butter.  Understanding Personality type gives you greater insight into the motivators and objections of each recruit along with a very strategic game plan.  Thanks JMP for “more tools for the toolbox.”

Doug Purdy
Regional Director
Investors Group Peterborough/ Lindsay


Client Appreciation Event

“Relationships are the biggest investment we make.”

Invite your clients and spouses for an entertaining, informative and interactive evening as we discuss Personality Types and how they relate to one another. Everyone will learn some strategies to help in relationships with spouses, children, friends and co-workers.  2 Hours needed.

 “JMP conducted two client appreciation events for us to just under 200 participants each evening.  The presenter’s knowledge of Personality Type mixed with her humorous examples relating to business, parenting and relationships made for a very enjoyable evening for all of our clients and consultants.

The feedback forms confirmed for us that our clients found the evening to be of value, informative and enjoyable—overall an outstanding success.

I would highly recommend the Client Appreciation Event.”

Eugene P. Walsh, C.F.P
Investors Group
Regional Director, Penticton and Kelowna, BC

Work/Life Balance

“Maintaining balance within our personal and professional lives is a lifelong quest.”

By strategically looking at where we are putting all of our energy, we can then choose a healthier and more balanced option.

 “I want to learn a skill from someone who walks their talk and understands my business.  Janice balances a large family, a successful business and an almost 25 year marriage.  That speaks volumes to me!”

Dick Guest
CEO Genpharm/ Mylan


Coach Yourself

JMP understands the factors that prevent people from achieving their dreams.You will be introduced to an overview of coaching that you can easily follow on your own.

“Having Janice as a personal coach is like having an unfair advantage over the competition.  She makes sure that you keep your eye on your dreams and when it comes to your action steps, you better have your homework done!”

Blair Learmont
Owner/ Operator
The Co-operators

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